Dr. Locs Product Review

by MissNaturalista.com Natural Hair
I find it’s super hard to find great Loc products that blends well with locs. So I was super excited to try out dr. locs product line. 
The product packaging is cute, slick, simplistic and functional. I love that it has a safety lock feature on the bottles, which makes it great for traveling and storing away safely! The spray nozzles are also a plus and helps with applying the right amount of product. 
The Jinan leave-in conditioner has a great citrus aroma. I can definitely smell the lemongrass, which I love. It provides moisture to damp or dry hair. Its light and great for everyday use to refresh locs. 
The Imani Locking Spray has a similar aroma and  consistency as the leave-in. I like that for a locking product it isn’t a gel base product. This provides less build which Is also a plus when It comes to locs for me. 
The Yaya Oil has a great aroma as well! It provides great hydration and shine. It doesn’t weigh down my hair and the application process is seamless. No oil running all over my scalp or face! 
I love the shine and feel the oil provides for my Locs.
The shampoo builds up rather easy if you do not have their pre cleanse to go with it before shampooing. The clumps were difficult to get out, I had to use a separate shampoo in order to make sure it was all out. I would have liked to know that I needed the pre cleanse in order for shampoo to be effective.
My favorite product is definitely the Yaya Oil! It meets all my requirements for an excellent loc product! It’s light, provides great moisture, shine and smell! As for my least favorite product it would have to be the shampoo due to the clumpy build up and difficulty of rinsing it out. 
Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to my loc friends and community. I love reading the product ingredients and knowing exactly what I am putting in my hair! The products are easy to use and gives great nourishment to my locs. I love the finish look of my locs. They look healthy, shiny and not weighed down! I love that every product is light and airy.  
It’s so hard to find a product line where you love every product! dr. locs came very close to being a perfect product line and it just might be minus the shampoo clumping up for me.